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Hi!   I’m Mardi.

I teach mature adults how to use computers, mobile devices and apps with confidence and ease and keep them up to date with the changes that affect them.  (Be sure to subscribe to my Techie Tips.  They’re free! Click here)

Is This You?

You’re sick and tired of being frustrated by modern technology and it’s continual changes.

You didn’t grow up with computers but you’ve made a valiant effort to learn.  You’re mostly self-taught but there are gaps in your understanding that trip you up.

Maybe you know just enough to be dangerous ; )  Let me help you get the rest of the way to “tech savvy.”  You can do this!



Have you ever said you feel like a Dinosaur? Are you tired of being frustrated because things change all the time? You just need a little help but it’s embarrassing to impose on your friends all the time. Your kids and grans are busy with their own lives and get impatient with you. You need a professional educator who is patient and understandable. I’ll teach you how to “tame the beast” and get control of those ornery mobile devices. Technology should work FOR YOU, not frustrate you!!! It can be simple, easy and fun. Let me show you how.

One-To-One Tutoring

Get over the hump quickly and easily with 1 on 1 tutoring tailored to your specific needs with an experienced, teacher who will patiently “hold your hand” (in person or remotely).

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Tech Support in Plain English

Get things fixed and, at the same time, learn what happened so you can prevent it from happening again.  Everything explained with compassion and in plain English so you don’t feel like an idiot.

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Pre-Purchase Consultations

Don’t waste money on features you don’t need!  Most techie problems can be avoided by simply choosing the right equipment for your unique needs in the first place.

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Workshops (Play-shops) in Your Home or Office

Gather your friends or co-workers for a Play-shop and learn to use mobile devices and apps the way the kids do, by messing around with them and asking questions.

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Presentations for Your Groups

Are you a member of a group needs an interesting speaker for meeting?  There’s never a dull moment with technology!  Learn amazing things you didn’t know you needed to know.

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