New Tablet Rocks Your World…but Wait!

There is a new tablet, the ASUS Eee Pad Transformer Prime, with a gorgeous 10.1-inch screen, Android 4.0 operating system and lightning fast processor and it is causing quite a stir in the tech world.

Many are hailing the Transformer Prime ($500 for 32GB) as the new king of the Android mountain. In some ways, the Transformer Prime is equal to, or better than, the iPad 2 ($600 for 32GB).

However, the tech world expects Apple to release the next version of the iPad on March 7. It may have a faster processor, better cameras, a higher resolution display and, possibly, built-in 4G cellular.

This may all be Greek to you…but the important part is that, when the new iPad debuts, the iPad2 will probably drop in price to compete with the lower-cost Kindle Fire and Nook Tablet. So, you might want to wait on your tablet purchase for a few more weeks.

I know….the changes just keep coming….but it’s all good. Really! And I’m always here for you—and your loved ones—whenever you need help. I’m patient, fun, understandable and affordable.

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