Protect Yourself from Facebook Advertising

I love using the “Like” button but I’ve noticed that I start getting ads from places I liked and I’m not so sure I like that.  I see now that when we like and un-like various pages and products, we are giving Facebook more and more information about us that it shares with advertisers.  Also, I’ve noticed that Facebook shows other people who have liked sites.

If you want to opt out, here is the procedure. Log into Facebook and click the upside down triangle in the upper right corner. Go to Privacy settings>>Ads, Apps and Websites>>Ads.  Click Edit Social Ads Settings and choose No One in the drop down menu. Your name won’t be linked to any ads, even for pages you’ve liked.

Go back to the Ads, Apps and Websites menu and select “How people bring your info to apps they use.” You’ll see a list of check boxes. Any box that is checked is something that could appear on a third-party site.

You’ll see everything from your current city, photos and the things you like. Deselect each box. That way, Facebook and advertisers won’t be able to use your information for marketing.

I haven’t done this yet, because I’m not that worried about it, and I like to watch how it plays out.  But I know some of you are concerned and would want to know how to take control of the situation.  I might do it later.

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