How to Store Your Photos

Lately, I’ve been helping a lot of people with photo management and storage.  One of the most common questions is how best to store them.

The rule of thumb for ultimate security is that you have three different kinds of backups with one being off sight.  Then if something happens to your house, you still have a back up.  On “the Cloud,” means on someone else’s server.  Some of the most popular are iCloud (for apple products) Carbonite, iDrive, Amazon, Google.  The iPhoto and Picasa applications make it really easy to store and share your photos on the Cloud.  These services give you from  2 to 4 gigabytes for free and then you pay a nominal fee for more storage.

Most DVDs hold 4.7 gigabytes of data, or around 1,000 photos. It could be more or less depending on the image quality.  Once you burn a DVD, however, you can’t modify the files.

A flash drive is better if you want to edit the files later.  Some flash drives hold as much as 128 GB – about 20,000 photos. If you need more storage than that, look into portable hard drives.


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