Introducing the Week Chart

Kim Komando showed me this blog post by Dave Lee and it’s a really useful tool.  It isn’t a new idea, but I love the way Dave describes it and is so passionate about it.  It does really work too.  I’ve used something similar in the past and was amazed at the results.  Why don’t we do it more often?

You can use it for manifesting anything you want…not just for business stuff.  It’s just a matter of intention and focus.

Some of you will find it really amusing that he advocates printing it on paper instead of using the computer.   But you shouldn’t be surprised that I would share it.  As I always say, I’m committed to helping people learn the technology that serves them well.  You don’t have to learn everything.  And….sometimes paper is good enough…or better.

For the complete article on Dave’s blog go to…

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