See The Wonders of the World From Your Armchair in 3D!

Again, thanks to Kim Komando’s e newsletter (see ) for alerting me to The Google World Wonders Project  It is truly awesome.  Besides touring the world and learning history and geography from your computer, you could use this for planning vacation trips.  It’s also a great resource for educating children and grandchildren.   Kim pointed out that:

This list of 936 places includes Angkor Wat, the Grand Canyon and Machu Picchu. If you were to spend one day at each site, and two days traveling to and from, it would take almost eight years to visit them all!

You can browse by location or theme and read information about each site. If you’re a teacher, you can download free lesson plans and study guides from the “Education” tab.

What a beautiful thing to do.  Here is a description of it from the website and a link to see it for yourself:

The Google World Wonders Project is a platform which brings world heritage sites of the modern and ancient world online. Using Street View, 3D modeling and other Google technologies, we have made these amazing sites accessible to everyone across the globe. With videos, photos and in-depth information, you can now explore the world wonders from your armchair just as if you were there.

Google’s mission is to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful. With this project we want to make the world heritage sites available to everyone and to digitally preserve them for future generations. We believe that the World Wonders Project can be especially useful for students, scholars and teachers to engage in an innovative and interactive way of learning.

We are working with partners including UNESCO and World Monuments Fund to support us in providing valuable information to our users.

Start exploring world heritage sites by either flicking through the picture carousel on the homepage or play with the globe to discover random sites from all over the world. You can also find places by themes or locations chosen over the drop-down panel on the top of the homepage. For more guidance, please watch the website demo that can be found when you click on the “i”-icon on the homepage.

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