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As many of you have discovered, it isn’t always easy to email photos to your friends and family.  The reason is that email service providers have placed limitations on the size of file transfers. The best way to share photos is to post them on a website and send your friends and family a link so they can go there and view them.  Some sites even provide options for others to add their photos.  This is particularly helpful if you have attended an event and want to pool all the photos.  Everyone can enjoy each other’s photos.  You can even choose which ones you want to print.  Another advantage, is that you have your photos in another place for back up.

There are many sites that will host your photos with no charge. When you get to a Wi-Fi hotspot, you can upload multiple shots at once and unload your memory cards for tomorrow’s adventures. All of your shots will be displayed in a beautiful digital gallery.

Shutterfly – is a popular photo-sharing community. It gives you an interactive Web page to display all of your pictures, and your friends and family can comment on your photos.  The site displays your photos as a gallery, slideshow or a digital photo book. If you want a physical book, Shutterfly will print one for a fee.  It includes basic photo editing, including filters and a red-eye removal tool.  There is also an APP that allows you to post photos to social media sites right from your Web album or iPhone.

WinkFlash  is a site designed to turn your photos into prints. It handles everything from an 8×10 poster to a canvas to hang on your wall. You don’t need to purchase anything to store your photos, though.  It has an email feature so that allows you to snap a picture with your mobile device, compose an e-mail and send it later when you have access to Wi-Fi.  You can email pictures to your friends as well.  If you want to share on social media, simply copy and paste your page’s link to Facebook or Twitter.

Snapfish has all the usual ways to upload photos, but it adds Facebook and Flickr as well. There’s even a handy mobile app  if you like to snap pictures from your smartphone.  In addition to prints and posters, Snapfish will turn your pictures into just about anything. You can put photos onto an iPhone skin, water bottle or even a kid’s growth chart!  Snapfish makes it easy to decorate your whole home with your favorite photos.

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  1. July 30, 2012 at 2:42 pm

    Great suggestions, Mardi! Thanks! It’s been on my list to figure out the best way to share pics from a familyi reunion in June. I’ll choose one of these and get on it right away. Do you know if others can add pics to the ones I post?

    • August 3, 2012 at 12:13 pm

      Thanks Stacy!

      Yes they can add photos on Snapfish with Group rooms.
      From their website…
      A group room is a unique url (or Web page) where you — and your friends and family — can add and view photos and projects. You can also order prints and read and write messages.

      Any member of a group room can add photos and projects to the room, and any member can view all of the photos and projects that have been added and messages that have been posted. However, only the creator of the group can remove albums, projects, and messages that others have added.

      You can become a part of a group room in two ways:

      Create a group room and invite others to join you
      Receive and accept an invitation to join a group room created by someone else
      In the first case, you are the group creator and have the ability to manage the settings for the group. In the second, you are a group member and can manage your personal settings.

      Also on Shutterfly if you set the permissions to allow visitors and/or members to be able to “contribute” to your site. The person who’s adding pictures to your Share site must have a Shutterfly account.

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