What to Do With Your Outdated Gadgets?

Our gadgets get outdated faster every year!  But don’t just let them collect and clutter your home or office.  You might be able to get some money for them; and if not, you can recycle them and get them out of your way.

In any case, be sure to erase your data first.  Even if you’re giving away an old phone to a close friend or relative, you still don’t want them snooping around in your contacts, text messages, photos and email.

Fortunately, erasing an iPhone or Android phone isn’t difficult at all. You just have to know where to look.

Before erasing, make sure you backup the old phone. For an iPhone, connect it to a Mac or PC and launch iTunes. Follow the onscreen instructions to perform a backup of your apps, settings and other data.

For an Android, backup important files to your PC or an external drive. Sync your contacts with Google cloud or your Gmail account.

To erase an iPhone 3GS or 4, go to Settings>>General>>Reset. Tap Erase All Content and Settings, then press the big red button that says Erase iPhone. The phone will give you an estimate of how long it will take.

You erase the iPad and the iPod touch the same way. Make sure your gadget is fully charged or plugged in before starting. Sometimes the process can take a while.

If you want to double check, you can check the mail, phone, calendar and message apps to verify that everything is gone. If you sync the device to the computer again, it should show up as a new gadget.

For an Android gadget, press Menu and tap Settings. Select SD & Phone Storage and then tap Factory data reset. Tap Reset Phone. All your information, apps and the SD card will be gone.

Some manufacturers modify how Android works on their gadgets. If you don’t see the above options, check your phone’s manual or contact the manufacturer’s support website for specific instructions.

If you have a newer older gadget, you can make back some of your money by selling it.  I recommend CashForLaptops.com  I sold my mom’s old laptop and got $60 for it.  It was so easy.  I applied online, they mailed me the packaging and label, kept me updated by email and paid promptly.  They didn’t want my old Blackberry but, hey, it was worth a try.

If you can’t sell it, then please recycle it.  The easiest way is to drop things off at Best buy in Palm Desert.

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