Your Can Save a Life

A friend sent me this and you must see it.

This is technology at its finest!  An inspiring and instructive video, the 911 system, a dispatcher coaching on a cell phone, the coolest automatic defibrillator gadget, and a life saved!  Brought tears of joy to my techie loving soul.  You have to see this Heart Rescue Video

My next thought was, “there must be an app for that,”and a little research revealed that indeed there is!


The App


It would be ideal if there were two or three people to help, one to look at app, one to do the work, and one to go get that that very cool defibrillator gadget!  But if the app inspires one person to call 911 quickly and try CPR instead of standing around in confusion and fear, then there is a better chance that lives will be saved.

Kudos to The Heart Rescue Project and the American Heart Association!

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