Find Wi-Fi On The Go

This app is awesome!    

JiWire uses your phone’s GPS to find nearby Wi-Fi hotspots. It even gives you directions.

It’s especially useful here in the desert when you want a nice air conditioned spot to chill and get some work done.

(I personally love Panera Bread on Hwy 111 and 74…I even do tutoring sessions there sometimes.)

Imagine how helpful it will be when you are traveling out of town on vacation or business.

3G (phone) service is pretty slow sometimes, and many people have limited data plans, so this app is really helpful on so many levels.

You can sorts hotspots by service provider, which is helpful if you have a deal with AT&T or T-Mobile.

Looking for coffee? You can sort by hotspot location type.

It also sorts by Free and Paid services.

JiWire invites you to submit new locations to help keep its database updated.

I just downloaded and tested it and it came up wiith 26 free wifi hot spots within a radius of my home in So. Palm Desert!

Cost: Free!  Makes my little techie-loving heart flutter with joy!

Links:       Apple        Android

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