A Very Special Consultation for a Very Special Clients

A dear, sweet, couple in their 90’s who have been tutoring clients, are selling their home and moving into a beautiful residential facility. They asked me if I would talk to the manager and find out what services they need to order for their computer internet access, TV and phone. He had explained it to them, but, like so many people, they did not know the vocabulary so it was impossible to understand. It turned out that everything is included in their rent! 

I went to their new place and explained it all and showed them the best locations for their equipment and I will be hooking it up for them when they move in. It relieved them of a lot of stress and confusion.

Such a simple thing for me and yet, they were so grateful. They said they didn’t know what they would do without me. It made my day! I am so grateful to have such rewarding work!

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