A Power Strip Does Not Protect You

A power strip doesn’t protect you!

Frequently, I go shopping with clients to help them buy new computers, gadgets, printers and accessories.  I want to remind you, and everyone you know, that you need surge suppressors to protect your equipment.  A common power strip is not enough protection.  Also, you need to check your surge suppressors periodically.  

This is so important that I’m adding it to my list of things to check on all my appointments.  (The other things are virus protection and backup systems — including smart phones and tablets.)

Don’t confuse surge suppressors with power strips. They look similar, but there is a difference.Power strips have circuit breakers instead of surge suppression.  A circuit breaker will trip the breaker and cut all power to the device.

A surge suppressor will dissipate the surge so you can keep working.

Also, a power strip will allow smaller surges to get through and this can wear out your electronics faster.  You need to use a surge suppressor.

If you already have a surge suppressor but the lights are blinking, the protection is exhausted and you need to buy a new one.  If you’ve had it for 4 years or more, you should replace it anyway.  The blinking warning light may not be working.

The right level of protection is important, but nothing can guarantee your computer won’t be damaged. A serious surge could blow through your surge suppressor and destroy your computer.  Remember to unplug your computer when a serious storm approaches. 

No matter how much you prepare, something can always go wrong. That’s the reason you have homeowners or renters insurance. That’s also the reason it’s important to make sure all your data is backed up.

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