Do You Reboot?

Do You Reboot?

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Your Techie Tip for this week is to turn your computer completely off at least once a week.  The reason this is important is that its memory gets too full and it’s likely to slow down or get confused.
(Just like us!)

During the shutdown process, it files everything away where it belongs and dumps extraneous stuff from the memory.  Kind of like we do when we get a good nights sleep.  Then, when it restarts (reboots), it checks all its systems, corrects any errors, and installs updates.  The installation of the updates is critically important because there are security fixes (patches) in them.

Asleep 3Your computer is set to go to sleep after a certain period of non-use, and the screen may go dark, but that is not the same as shutting down.  So please choose one night a week to give your machine a complete break and an opportunity for a fresh start in the morning.

This applies to your tablets, smartphones and other gadgets too.  

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