Are You Doing Your Updates?


It’s very, very important to allow updates on your computers, tablets and smart phones.  Updates have fixes for “bugs” (program errors that cause malfunctions) and “patches” that prevent breaches in security.  Often the updates contain cool new features too.

Many people don’t allow the updates because they don’t understand the value, or they don’t know the difference between a reliable update and a scam or virus.  In the past, I have included a list of the names of reliable updates for you to print.

tent card

Now, I’ve created a new business card that has the list on it.  It’s designed as a tent card so you can stand it up beside your computer. This is so important that I’d like everyone in our community to have one.  If you need one, or want a bunch to give to your friends, let me know right away.

That being said, I want you to know that even some reliable updates may come with things you might not want. Companies make marketing agreements to offer other companies’ services.  Don’t worry, just read the screens as you go through the update process. Uncheck any boxes or click “no” to anything that is being offered as an “extra benefit.”


A case in point…I updated Java this week and noticed that Java is still trying to install an Ask Toolbar and change my search engine to Ask.  This has happened to my clients in the past and it’s very confusing.  They call me to find out what happened to their Google search box.

Even more frustrating is the Adobe Flash update which can install Mcafee antivirus in place of your current antivirus program if you don’t tell it otherwise.adobeflashWithMcAffey

Please don’t be intimidated and ignore the updates. Just be patient and read the screens before you click “next.”  If you need help, try my new call-in service or make an appointment for a detailed lesson on how to install programs, apps and updates on all your devices.
Keep Calm and Call Me

Who do you know that needs to learn how to install programs, apps and updates?  I’m here to help and I promise to take good care of them.  Call me today!   760-348-8867

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