Have you heard of Mophie?

Have you heard of Mophie?

It’s a compact battery that can charge almost any device.  It stores enough juice to charge two tablets at the same time… and it charges fast!

It’s great for keeping your cell phone or laptop charged when you don’t have access to electricity.  It’s perfect for long bike rides, camping trips, and road trip adventures.

It’s handy at home too. When your phone battery is low, (which seems like all the time) it’s nice to be able to talk on the phone while it’s charging without having to be tethered to a cord in a wall socket.  I think it charges my phone faster than a wall socket too!  I can charge my phone several times before I need to recharge “the Mophie.”  I’ve used it to charge my Chromebook also.

There are other “battery packs” on the Market but my friend who told me about it, did very thorough research and determined that the Mophie powerstation is the best.  If you’re constantly frustrated by your gadgets running out of juice, you might want to consider getting one.

There are smaller, less expensive models available but the Powerstation XL has the most power for the money.  Here is a link their website.

I hope you find this tip helpful and that you will share it with your friends and family members.  Please help me to connect with all those people who could be enjoying their computers and gadgets more if they just had a little help.  Your referrals help me to “restore peace and joy in the world through computer and mobile gadget education” and are much appreciated.



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