What To Do If Your Cell Phone Gets Wet

cell phone in the toilet

One Saturday night, I received an urgent call from a client who had dropped her cell phone in the toilet. It had fallen out of her pocket. I know…it’s funny….but embarrassing too. Well, she isn’t the only one. It’s a fairly common occurrence. Don’t we all know someone….?

If your cell phone gets wet, you will need to act quickly and you won’t want to be wasting valuable time doing research on the internet.


It isn’t always easy to find the most reliable information either. Just because it’s on the Internet, doesn’t mean it’s true. Sometimes it takes a lot of time and some background knowledge to find the right answer.

I thought you would like to have the results of my research and an article to print in case of an emergency. Please share this with the people you care about so they can be prepared too. And, encourage them to subscribe to my Techie Tips. Thanks!

boy on bike in the lakeIf you do a google search, you’re going to see many articles that say the best way to prevent water damage after dropping your phone into a toilet, (or lake any other liquid) is to put it into a container of dry, uncooked rice. Conventional thought says the rice will suck the moisture right out of the phone and restore it to life.


The folks at Gazelle wanted to find the truth about rescuing drowned phones, so they gathered nine devices destined for recycling and put popular wisdom to the test. What they learned surprised them. See Gazelle’s Guide To Water Damage for the details.

If you just want to know what they recommend and don’t care about how they arrived at their conclusions, here’s the instructions to print: How to Save Your Phone From Water Damage

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