Fabulous Apple Event! But Will This Make You Truly Happy?

September 7, was the first time I sat through an entire Apple Special Event because my colleague Jonathan Gorman at The iCreative was hosting a viewing at his training center.  It was quite a production including pop music and dance!  

I was very impressed with Apple’s innovation and engineering expertise.  The new watches and the dual cameras on the iPhone 7 Plus are pretty amazing.

On the other hand, I doubt that many people care about these innovations or are willing to pay the prices.  I know most of my clients aren’t.  They just want things simple.  I help them choose the best gadgets for their individual needs and budget.

I found myself wondering how different the world might be if this kind of ingenuity and money were applied to solving world hunger and poverty.  Sigh….  Maybe the children using the iPads in school will come up with an answer.

However, one of the main benefits of mobile technology, is that even inexpensive smart phones have cameras capable of taking great pictures and people in developing countries are able to buy them.  Photo sharing on platforms like Facebook and Instagram are bringing the people of the world closer together.  

Apple’s market share is saturated here in the U.S. (that’s why they want us to upgrade every two years) and I doubt that they’re going to capture much of the foreign market with these high end products.

Perhaps Apple’s future growth will be based on products we don’t have yet, like robotic cars.  After all, they are famous for creating products we didn’t know we wanted until we had them.  We shall see…

If you need help to decide on the best computer or gadget for your needs and budget, just let me know.


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