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I received this question from a client recently and I thought you should know about it.

Client:  I purchased (for only $6.99/mo?) Office 365 in order to open a timely and important Excel spread sheet last week. Did I make a mistake by doing this? I really don’t use any of the other applications in the bundle. Thoughts please?

Mardi:  You could have used OpenOffice for free.  Google docs is free too but it takes a little getting used to.

They both include all the same programs as Microsoft Office.  You can just use the program you need.  I would recommend cancelling Microsoft and downloading Open Office here

Client:  Mardi, thank you again for your wonderful guidance. I downloaded OpenOffice and cancelled my Microsoft 365 @ $6.99/mo. All I occasionally need is to open Excel. Hard to believe Apache can offer apparently a free alternative to Windows?  Oh well….live and learn.

Conversations like this make my day!  I love being able to share what I’ve learned, save people money and see them so happy!

I hope you will find this helpful and that you will pay it forward by sharing this article and encouraging your friends to follow this blog to receive all my tips.

If you ever have a question, let me know.  Chances are that other people have the same question.  If I don’t know the answer, I will find it and we will all benefit.



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