Feeling Better About Having to Change

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The world is changing rapidly these days, largely due to technology.  My goal is to help people adapt as simply, easily and affordably as possible.

Perhaps thinking about the situation in a different way will help you feel better about changes.

We can’t turn back the clock or stop technological evolution, but we can control how we respond.  

We can choose to resist what is, get upset, refuse to change and be continually frustrated, or we can do what we need to do to make things work and make ourselves happy.  

Think about the things you wouldn’t be able to do if it weren’t for technology.  Make a list of all the ways you benefit.

Then remember that in order to benefit, you will need to invest in equipment and maintenance from time to time, just like you do with your house appliances and automobile.

Here’s a good analogy:

How old is your car?  (Is it as old as your computer?)  If your mechanic said it wasn’t possible to get parts to fix it because it’s too old, would you insist on driving it anyway?  It it couldn’t pass a smog check, would you drive without registration?

Computers and technology may become obsolete faster than cars, but the principle is the same.  There comes a time, when it’s more effective to change than to hold on to the old.  Sometimes that requires a little education, similar to taking continuing education courses for professional certifications or learning how to use a new TV.  You just get a little instruction and enjoy the benefits of the new information.

I hope thinking about technology in this way will help you feel better and inspire you to change your equipment or way of doing things when necessary.

If you need help to decide on the best equipment and apps for your individual needs and instruction on how to use them, just let me know.  I promise to make it as simple, easy, affordable and fun as possible.

If this has been helpful to you, please share below so everyone can feel better about changes too.  

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