You Aren’t Too Old or Stupid For Technology

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Do you feel still feel stupid sometimes when it comes to technology?

People often tell me, “I’m so stupid when it comes to technology and I’m always quick to say, “You’re not stupid, you just need a little education!”  I hate to see them so down on themselves or convinced that there is something wrong with them because of their age.  It’s not true!

Well, I recently, I discovered a new book by Seth Godin which gave me a new perspective on stupid.  I hope you find it as helpful as I do, put your thoughts in the comments below,  and share this post with your friends so they can feel good about feeling stupid too.


From Your Turn by Seth Godin

The fear of stupidity is not uncommon. Stupid is the way we feel when working on a difficult problem. Stupid is the emotion associated with learning—we are stupid and then we are not. The pre-learning state is stupidity. A scientist might work ten years on solving a problem of math or logic or biology. Or a lifetime. And until the problem is solved, she’s stupid. And then she isn’t. Which is all fine, actually. The problem comes with the emotion that we’re supposed to feel when we feel stupid: Fear. We are supposed to be afraid of stupid, to get stupid over with as soon as we can. Change, of course, makes everyone feel stupid, because change breaks all the old rules, inventing new ones, rules we don’t know (yet). And so the equation is obvious: Change —> Stupid —> Afraid. One way to avoid this is to avoid change. One way to avoid this is to avoid freedom. The best way to avoid this is to embrace stupid and skip the last part. There’s nothing to be afraid of. Nothing except avoiding the feeling of stupid. And stupid is a good thing.

P. S. Who do you know that would feel better about themselves if they had a little computer tutoring.  Just send me their name and number.  I’ll follow up and take good care of them.  Thanks!


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