Happy New Decade!

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As the decade draws to a close, have you taken time to look back on your life for the past 10 years?  It’s an interesting exercise.  We can feel proud of ourselves for the challenges we’ve overcome (or at least survived) and the progress we’ve made toward goals and get inspired to set new goals for the new year.

Can you believe how fast the decade has flown by? Everyone marvels at how quickly time passes and it’s not just older folks. Young people notice it too. Ask some young adults and see what they say.

I think it’s due to the fact that everything around us is changing and evolving so quickly. That’s especially true with technology.  Not only does it change rapidly, but it often radically changes the way we live our lives.  What was life like before email, cell phones and Facebook?  And now Uber, streaming video, Echo and Google Home?

I really enjoyed this article by PC Magazine and I think you will too.  
You may not have heard of some of them but that’s fine.  Enjoy the ones you do know, like iPads, smart watches, Windows 10 and Chromebooks.

The Most Iconic Tech Innovations of the 2010s  “As the decade winds down, we round up the most important and innovative products, trends, and breakthroughs that have shaped how we use technology.”

And this brings up the issue of feeling stupid…
So many clients tell me they are stupid when it comes to technology and I always tell them, “That’s not true! You just feel stupid because there is so much new information and vocabulary to learn at one time.”

“It’s not even a matter of not having learned computers in school.  Things wouldn’t be the same now anyway.  I can barely keep up!  If I were off the grid for 6 months or more, I’d probably feel stupid too.”

Here’s an inspiring quote from Seth Godin that speaks to this…

From What to Do When it’s Your Turn (and it’s Always Your Turn)

The Fear of Stupidity
“Stupid is not uncommon. Stupid is the way we feel when working on a difficult problem. Stupid is the emotion associated with learning—we are stupid and then we are not. The pre-learning state is stupidity. A scientist might work ten years on solving a problem of math or logic or biology. Or a lifetime. And until the problem is solved, she’s stupid. And then she isn’t. Which is all fine, actually. The problem comes with the emotion that we’re supposed to feel when we feel stupid: Fear. We are supposed to be afraid of stupid, to get stupid over with as soon as we can. Change, of course, makes everyone feel stupid, because change breaks all the old rules, inventing new ones, rules we don’t know (yet). And so the equation is obvious: Change —> Stupid —> Afraid. One way to avoid this is to avoid change. One way to avoid this is to avoid freedom. The best way to avoid this is to embrace stupid and skip the last part. There’s nothing to be afraid of. Nothing except avoiding the feeling of stupid. And stupid is a good thing.”

May you embrace “stupid,” embrace change, embrace continuing education and have an amazing 2020!


What do you think about the changes in the past decade and are you over feeling stupid for feeling stupid sometimes?  I’d love to see your thoughts in the comments sections below…

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