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My Mission is to teach adults how to enjoy the many benefits of computer technology and make it simple, easy and fun.

Believe! It’s never too late to learn new skills!

If it seems “the magic slipped away” this year, may you find it all again today and throughout the new year! And remember that you have me when you need help with techie stuff. It’s never to late to learn new things and enjoy all life has to offer.

Best Phones for Seniors

image of YouTube video about the best mobile phones for seniors

You have to see this!  It’s the information you need and it’s not condescending.  So refreshing!  Thanks to Payette Forward  Good job!

Are You Still Frustrated by Passwords?

image of keys in a safe

You don’t have to be frustrated by passwords anymore . Let Google Chrome and Apple Keychain take care of them for you. Here’s how…

Text Message Scams

Text message scams are the basically the same as email scams. Trust your instincts. Don’t respond to people you don’t know. Don’t give out any information. Remember, it’s “social engineering” — they are skilled at scare tactics to short circuit your reason. Stop, breathe, and call up Your Higher Self and you’ll be fine. And…

Happy New Decade!

image with Happy New Year 2020 with clock

Techie Tips about the best innovative technology from the past decade from PC Magazine and words of encouragement from Seth Godin that Feeling stupid is OK.

Alexa and Google Home Can Eavesdrop

photo of woman speaking to an Alexa Device

Amazon Alexa and Google Home devices can be accessed by hackers to eavesdrop on user conversations or trick users into handing over sensitive information.

Chromebook or iPad?

image of discouraged windows 10 user

Microsoft says it will fix a lingering broken Start menu problem that’s been affecting Windows 10 users over the past few weeks.  I’ve been using a Chromebook for about 5 years. My clients who are using Chromebooks and iPads don’t have to deal with these problems. If they call me, it’s to learn how to…

Great Solution for Robocalls

image of phone

Here’s a great idea for handling robocalls that I hadn’t thought of before.

You Aren’t Too Old or Stupid For Technology

Do you feel still feel stupid sometimes when it comes to technology? People often tell me, “I’m so stupid when it comes to technology and I’m always quick to say, “You’re not stupid, you just need a little education!”  I hate to see them so down on themselves or convinced that there is something wrong…

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