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Shutterfly for Photo Sharing

Shutterfly offers free, unlimited, secure photo storage and it’s easy to set up a free private website where a group of people can upload their photos to share. Everyone has the opportunity to download their favorites to their computers, and order prints or other products from Shutterfly.

Help Others Enjoy The Benefits of Modern Technology

$10 Gift Certificates for You! When someone refers me a new client, I always send them a gift certificate for my services. The certificates are transferable if you prefer to “re-gift” them. Please help me with my mission to help everyone enjoy the many benefits of computer and gadget technology.  Thanks!

Gift Me To Your Friends and Family

Gift Me!  I always have gift certificates.  Herald in more peace and joy to the world this year by gifting computer or gadget Tutoring!Before you purchase a techie gift for someone, consider booking a consultation with me about the best gadget for their needs.

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