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Believe! It’s never too late to learn new skills!

If it seems “the magic slipped away” this year, may you find it all again today and throughout the new year! And remember that you have me when you need help with techie stuff. It’s never to late to learn new things and enjoy all life has to offer.

Happy New Decade!

image with Happy New Year 2020 with clock

Techie Tips about the best innovative technology from the past decade from PC Magazine and words of encouragement from Seth Godin that Feeling stupid is OK.

You Aren’t Too Old or Stupid For Technology

Do you feel still feel stupid sometimes when it comes to technology? People often tell me, “I’m so stupid when it comes to technology and I’m always quick to say, “You’re not stupid, you just need a little education!”  I hate to see them so down on themselves or convinced that there is something wrong…

Feeling Better About Having to Change

The world is changing rapidly these days, largely due to technology.  Perhaps thinking about the situation in a different way will help you feel better about changes.

Facing Fears and Moving Forward

Learning new computer and gadget skills is as much about overcoming “fears” as it is about learning skills. Most of my clients express some version of “I feel so stupid, or I’m afraid I’ll break it, or I’m too old to be able to do this.” When we try new things for the first time we…

Fear Not the F Word!

From my favorite business development program,  As an educator, I always want my clients to know and accept that “there are no failures, only lessons.”   Enjoy! How I Nearly Got My Mouth Washed Out With Soap Growing up in my family, we never talked about the F word. It was never, ever tolerated.…

Have you heard about Telikin?

Have you heard about Telikin? A client asked me this recently so I looked in to it and I am impressed!  Telikin is a super easy to use touch screen computer.  It will be a great solution for many of my clients and I thought you might be interested in it for yourself or for…

Thank You To All Our Military Personnel!

This week, I want to express my profound gratitude for all of you, and yours, who have served in our military.  In the past couple of years, I have been privileged to have several new friends and tutoring clients share about their experiences in World War II and Vietnam.  I have been deeply touched and changed…

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