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All About Printers

Printer frustration is not your fault. See my recommendations on my Resources Page. Choose ink jet or laser and save on ink cartridges

Techie Tips Live Class This Saturday – How to Buy A Printer: Tips and Tricks

Printer Meltdown

Do you find shopping for printers to be very complicated and a little overwhelming? I do too! There are so many makes, models, features, and prices! People frequently ask me what I recommend and it’s hard to know where to start. I recently had to buy a new printer myself, and in my haste, I…

When Your Printer Won’t Print…

Inkjet printer

Here’s a simple, troubleshooting guide and cheat sheet for those times when your printer won’t print. Enjoy!

Avoid Printer Drama

Do Moon Phases Affect Printers?   Do the phases of the moon affect techie gadgets?  This past week was so full of printer drama that I had to wonder… Here are some tips that will help you maintain peace in your techie world: If you need to move your printer, be sure to turn it off…

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