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What to Do With An Old Computer

When getting rid of an old computer, you need to protect the data on your hard drive if you have any sensitive information on it that you would not want criminals to see.

What To Do With Those Old Gadgets?

  Because I teach people how to use their new gadgets, I’m often asked what I recommend they do with their old ones. Depending on how old it is and what condition, I recommend that you try and sell it, recycle it, or give it to charity. Several years ago, I sold my mom’s really…

Stop Unwanted Mail

Catalogue Choice is a Free service to opt out of catalogs, coupons, credit card offers, phone books, circulars and more.  You can even add companies that are not already on their list. Reduce clutter by opting out with Catalog Choice Protect your privacy by removing your name from marketers’ database Help the environment–with over a million…

What to Do With Your Outdated Gadgets?

Our gadgets get outdated faster every year!  But don’t just let them collect and clutter your home or office.  You might be able to get some money for them; and if not, you can recycle them and get them out of your way. In any case, be sure to erase your data first.  Even if…

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