Complimentary Presentations

My complimentary presentations provide an affordable way for us to meet each other.  You can get to know me in person, get answers to your burning questions, learn lots of useful information and decide if you would like to work with me.

Presentations are also an easy and fun way for my clients to introduce me to their friends and business associates.

I have given presentations on the topics described here, and I’m always open to creating new ones.  Just let me know if you have suggestions for other topics of interest to your group.

buying mobile gadgets for your needs and budgetThings to Consider When Shopping for a Computer or Mobile Device

In my work with students, I find that many of their problems are the result of them not having purchased the right equipment for their needs.  Working with techie gadgets can be so-o-o-o-o much easier when you buy the right equipment in the first place.

Attendees receive a handy Needs Assessment Questionnaire and have an opportunity to get their questions answered so they can buy the techie tools that are best for their individual needs and avoid buying things they don’t need.

Topics include:

  • The pros and cons of tablets, computers, and smartphones
  • How to choose the best tools for your needs and budget
  • The responsibilities and true costs of owning them.
  • A handy questionnaire to help participants decide what they need.
  • Q & A Session

Computer problems that cause you griefHow To Avoid The Most Common Computer Problems That Cause You Grief

Based on my ebook: 10 Tips That Will Make Your Techie Life Simple, Easy and More Fun

Most techie headaches can be avoided! Most computer problems are caused by users not knowing a few important basic skills. This presentation teaches how to eliminate unnecessary frustration, wasted time, expensive repairs and have more fun.

It addresses these common issues that I frequently encounter in my tutoring practice:

  • The tense moment when you thought you lost your documents or photos and your heart just sank.
  • Pop up screens with scary messages suddenly show up on your computer screen.
  • Your web browser suddenly looks all different, your google search box has disappeared, and your search engine has changed to something else like
  • You have trouble keeping track of your passwords. You have trouble logging into websites and have to reset your passwords frequently.
  • Mysterious icons show up on your desktop and you have no idea how they got there or why they are there.
  • Your computer is running slowly or stalling.
  • Your computer takes forever to boot up. It’s so frustrating that you just have to go do something else rather than wait for it.
  • Your keyboard has sticky keys
  • Your computer, smartphone or tablet just freezes up.
  • It takes a long time for web pages to load.
  • Q & A Session

Don't get snagged by a phisherComputer Security and Internet Safety

A “Simple, Easy & Fun” Guide To Computer Security & Internet Safety

Topics Covered:

  • Protecting Your Computer
  • Browsing the Internet Safely
  • Shopping safely on the internet
  • Avoiding Scams
  • Q & A Session (I’ll stay as long as necessary to answer individual questions.)

Chromebooks are the solution for simple, easy & fun

All About Chromebooks and Why They Are The Best Choice for Most People

Chromebooks are The Ultimate Tool for Technology that’s Simple, Easy & Fun

Topics Covered:

  • What exactly is a Chromebook and how is it unique?
  • Will a Chromebook Meet Your Needs?
  • Preparing for the Switch to A Chromebook
  • Chromebook Buying Guide
  • Q & A (I’ll stay as long as necessary to answer individual questions.)

For more information or to book a presentation,  contact me below or call 760-348-8867   Just remember 760 – 3 – 4tutor 


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