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11/19/18  Joel C.  Thank you for all your help and good advice, a rare find in The Desert.

1/24/18 Bob Friesen  Mardi is very knowledgeable, an excellent teacher who loves teaching and knows how to make the experience enjoyable.
1/17/18 Steve W.  Wow, it worked!  Don’t know what happened but I’m back in business again!  Thanks, Mardi, you are a computer “life preserver” for a Titanic victim! Your videos are soooooo helpful!!


Steve W.  12/30/2017  Mardi Boettcher listens well to your issues, grasps what is needed, and goes right at solving the problems that are vexing you!  It is not easy to learn of another person’s computer software problems by phone, text or Email and then try to fix them quickly from Jump Street; Mardi will do just that.

This lady understands technology and is a veritable fountain of information.  Whilst she was at my residence, I learned much more than I expected to about my computer, programs, “the cloud”, and even keyboard shortcut strokes which I now use thanks to Mardi and the shortcut card she provided me for my work area!

She is also sensitive to her client’s mental state and body language, and adjusts her presentation to you. If she notices you’re getting frustrated or stressed, she takes a different tack so you don’t blow a gasket.  I liked that. A very patient and understanding person!

Long story short, she fixed my issues and brought me back from the edge of Email catastrophe in one session!  Now I’m not only back spending too many hours on Email, but switched to a more robust program Mardi recommended!

If you have software issues, questions or want to learn about computer and even iPhone software stuff, I highly recommend Mardi Boettcher at Desert Computer Tutor!

Peg Boortz  September 20, 2017  “I’m doing much better using the computer and am so thankful that you came to my rescue when I was totally lost and was wishing I’d never bought a Mac.  The love-hate relationship with my new computer is almost all love now.”

Barbara Ruth August 18, 2917  “You can not believe how much help you have given me! Even my computer is healthy for once.  Your happy friend, Barbara”

Ann Lahey May 27, 2016   “Since I sometimes feel challenged working with my “gadgets” I made an appointment for Mardi to come over and teach me how to use my devices beyond my basic knowledge.  I had a terrific session with Mardi and I highly recommend her for improving your knowledge on your computer, your phone, your IPad, Apple TV etc.  She was not only fun to work with, she is extremely knowledgable with whatever device you need help with.”

Amy  May 3, 2016  I was intimidated by the computer so I Googled “Computer Tutor in the desert” and found Mardi.  Mardi is very friendly and patient, and I am comfortable with teachers who are women. The experience went very well.  I learned a lot about the internet and Microsoft Word.  I really enjoyed working with Mardi because she is very upbeat and she made the experience fun.  Thank you for your help and support Mardi.

Doug Beatty  April 9, 2016  I’m an author and was having enormous problems getting a new manuscript “reader ready” for my publisher. Mardi saved the day and saved my sanity.  

I found Mardi via the internet and her website. She came to my home office, identified the problems, walked me through the steps necessary to resolve the complicated issues and then followed up with me and the publisher, to ensure the issues had in fact been resolved to everyone’s satisfaction. My experience could not have gone better.

Mardi helped me to not be intimidated by the process. Thanks to her I am no longer intimidated by computer programs and I know that in the future when I have problems, Mardi will always be available to help.

Tom Viscounty  March 30, 2016  I had numerous challenges since I have a “dated” computer, built up old files, lacking any short cuts, outdated access capability, etc.I learned about the company at one of the local mixers when I obtained Mardi’s card. Once she added me to her email list, it became apparent that I should try her out the next time I needed help. I wasn’t completely happy with other computer specialistsI appreciate Mardi’s fast response, obvious computer knowledge and experience, and her ability in getting problems resolved.I had an excellent experience working with her.

I now know some short cuts. My computer is easier to understand & easier to operate since I have now programmed most of my favorites, deleted old files, organized files, and now have password protection etc.I learned to set up written notes rather than try to remember all of the changes we made. Now it’s much easier to access my favorites and other pertinent websites, & files…much better access and storage.

Mardi helped me to improvise a way to do a required personnel interview video on my smartphone because my old computer doesn’t have a camera.  She helped me with some tips for using my iPhone too.

My lasting impression of the experiences is the knowledge I obtained and the potential improvement projected.Soon I will purchase an up to date new system, which will probably be a Chromebook and this will provide me more flexibility when I need to use the computer.

Bill McIlvaine   March 2016  I have gotten lazy and allowed others to do the work.  I have not paid attention to all the changes especially as Microsoft continues to upgrades in its programs.  I found Mardi on the Internet.  She is patient and has a thorough understanding of the needs of her clients.  I would have been frustrated and lost without the one-on-one time. This could not have been done in a group situation.Now  I have a much clearer understanding of how to navigate Outlook as well as PowerPoint.  She has also helped me better understand the use of my IPhone camera.It has been a very good experience for me and is still continuing.

Diane  Berk  January 16, 2016  Mardi, you are the best!  So gentle and patient and a master teacher!  I even feel there’s hope for me when I work with you 🙂

Marilyn Olinger March 19, 2015   Great Help
Mardi is a life saver. We had so many questions about our computer, IPad and IPhone. She explained everything with patience and ease to help us understand the new modern computer technology. She has raised our level of confidence to meet the computer head on!

Maureen Fox February 11, 2015  Mardi is a true professional, very patient, and pleasant. During her visit we covered a lot of territory: she showed me ways to organize my documents, transfer my photos from my camera to my computer and set it up so that I could view the photo before opening it.
She recorded her instructions in a 4 x 5 1/2″ booklet which she left with me.
And, was very patient whenever I had to check in with her regarding a certain procedure.
I wouldn’t hesitate to call Mardi again.

Jackie Feldun February 08, 2015  Mardi is reliable sweet and nice. I was in Italy and I sent an email to her and she answered promptly and solved my problem. It was amazing…
Now I am back in the desert and can not wait to have some extra classes with her again.
Thank you very much Mardi.

Marianne Van Dijk   November 3, 2014  “You are wonderful and worth every penny!  Thanks.

Jim & Carol Miller, Palm Desert, CA  “Thanks again for your patience yesterday.  We enjoyed working with you, and we are in awe at your expertise.”

Eve  September 01, 2014  Mardi is the Best.  She truly loves what she is doing and – she is very good at it.When you are stuck or have a problem Mardi has the time and patience to fix it.  You Go, Girl!

Judith Fabris July 27, 2014   Teaching old dog new tricks
I loved having Mardi come help me. I’m so behind the times, my grandchildren think I’m in the Stone Age. When I texted my son yesterday, I received an immediate response. OMG- MOM’S TEXTING. WELL DONE MOM. Mardi is teaching me to navigate not only the computer better, but also my cell phone. Thanks Mardi.

Deborah   Great Windows 8 Orientation
Mardi came to my house and solved all of my computer issues. I had just purchased a new computer with Windows 8.1 and was overwhelmed with the difference between my old XP and the new Windows 8.1. She totally got me set up and was very patient and took the time to explain everything. Also instead of doing it for me she had me do the tasks. My sister has already used her and I would recommend her services to anyone. I will be using her again as needed. She is a great value. Thanks Mardi for making my life better.

Linda V. April 07, 2014  Mardi is knowledgeable, patient, friendly and able to impart the needed information in simple, organized, meaningful way. Simply put – she is a great teacher. And her rates are very reasonable.

Topper Smith (82, Palm Springs)   March 25, 2014  Took a Large Weight off my Shoulders!
My computer had slowed to a crawl, full of very “bad” things, pop-ups, etc., which made writing anything an impossibility. Without hesitation, Mardi sat, at my machine, and immediately knew what was wrong, and how to correct ALL its flaws. In this present society, where one is lucky to find an expert, in anything, Mardi proved, conclusively, that my request, for her help, was about the smartest thing I have done, in a couple of years. No time wasted, in figuring things out…she already knew the answers! And her charming personality also added to the enjoyment of her service.

Topper Smith  Palm Springs (82 years old)  March 24, 2014 Retired Music Administrator of Opera and Symphonies
As I am a rank amateur, in using a computer, I had completely brought my device to a “halt,” in the ability to use ANY of its programs, to a degree of success. Ms. Boettcher immediately sat down, and addressed each problem, which presented itself. With a very “deft” and “knowing” hand, she was able to “remove” many impediments, to the computer’s efficiency, without any delay, or having to “re-trace” any “missteps” along the way. She really knows this infernal machine, thoroughly, how it can become “clogged,” and suffer from “indigestion!” When she arrived, it would take 5 minutes to write ONE sentence! This comment has taken only the same time one would need, to “drink a glass of milk” I was completely pleased with Ms. Boettcher’s ability, problem-solving, plus a friendly attitude towards her customer (me), a real “dolt” with the machine.

Phil Weintraub January 28, 2014  The first thing I did when I got home from purchasing new computer from Best Buy was schedule a few hours with Mardi. Re-training my weak computer saavy on a new computer plus new operating system (Windows 8) was more anxiety than this computer idiot (ME!) could handle! Mardi walked me thru Computer 101, made me so comfortable I actually learned that I knew way more than I thought! Finally, the ‘shortcuts’ she showed me along with an amazing, offsite email program for my monthly client mailings have put a whole new light onto my world. She’s the best and I wouldn’t hesitate to refer her to anyone in a heartbeat! Cheers, phil

Phyllis Cohen January 08, 2014  So Glad I found Her
I was referred to Mardi from Dominique at Desert Cow. I had been struggling with Apple for over 2 years about syncing my Google calendar on my PC with my iPad and iPhone. Mardi figured out in less than 15 minutes!! It works seamlessly now. She is astounding. So knowledgeable. I have her contact info at easy access now as I can’t see how I can do without her in the future.

Joyce   November 22, 2013  Happy to have Mardi in my life
I always have a problem trying to find someone I can call when I have a computer problem. Now I know Mardi and it’s a good feeling knowing I can call her for help.

Kathy Bates, Palm Springs Bureau of Tourism    October 27, 2013  OMG, She’s the BEST!  Mardi was referred to me by Dominque with Desert Cow, she taught me more things about my computer & how to use Google Chrome. I felt so dumb at first, but she taught me how to use in a very understanding way. No BIG Computer talk, just simple & easy to understand & most of all after she left my home I remembered how to use my computer. I can’t wait for her to come back to teach me more about my computer to help better myself in my work and different uses of my computer.
She is the BEST! I will highly recommend Mardi to anyone and everyone I know.  Thank You so very MUCH!

Paul Beck    October 04, 2013  Mardi was referred to me by a friend as I needed help in setting up a personal blog. She came to my house right on time and with a big smile on her face. It’s always nice to see sunshine rather than a storm, right? Well, she plowed through all my clouds, questions, my quizzical face, and we landed on a smooth air field and you know what? I have a going blog with widgets, gidjets, and words. What more could a blogger want?

Mardi is focused, knowledgeable, and has the right attitude for her work. She is pleasant to work with, patient, and creative. In a word, she is a wonderful person and a delight to know. Next time my car brakes down, I’ll call her for help. She is a true MAVEN!

Cheryl Blair September 13, 2013  Mardi is great
I had a new laptop to set up and transfer info from my old desktop. She had me up and running in a flash. She is very personable and easy to understand. I plan on calling her with any future needs and will recommend her to others.

Morgan September 11, 2013  Wow!  I have had other tutors .All were much more expensive and made me feel like the village idiot.  I got so much more for my money. It was much less expensive. And I learned what I needed to know, not what someone thought I needed to know. I will be calling her again.

Edward Harbur   August 22, 2013  Mardi is wonderful!
Mardi was just wonderful – low key, personable, patient and very friendly. She explained everything to me in a way I could comprehend (as I am far from tech-savvy) and never once made me feel like a moron, as some other computer wizards have done. I recommend her highly!  Thanks again, Mardi!

Karen Beasanski     August 04, 2013  Dedicated Professional
Mardi is truly a dedicated computer tutor. She has a lot of wisdom and is always willing to to go out of her way to share it and make sure you really understand. She will take good care of you … definitely a winner!

Greg Jones August 03, 2013  Mardi is a Gem
Mardi has been putting together our “Top Ten Events of the Desert” newsletter for us for years. The newsletter was rated the top 8% in the country by Constant Contact and all the credit goes to Mardi. We are lucky to have her.

Monica Tauber July 17, 2013  With Mardi, I might actually become a computer nerd!! I enjoyed every minute of our “lesson”, she made it easy to understand and fun. Thank you, Mardi!

Patti Kaplan June 22, 2013  Mardi the Computor Tutor
I love the way Mardi makes computer learning easy. Mardi makes sure I fully understand everything she is explaining to me. Her lessons are amazing. I am very grateful for her wisdom.

Diane Richardson   June 07, 2013  Wow! Mardi is the Best!
Wow! I have to say, I asked a lot of Mardi. We ran through Google mail, Mail Chimp, my Mac Contacts and spreadsheets on Google Drive! Mardi played those keys like a true ‘Maestro’. I learned alot and fortunately for me, Mardi did a lot for me. I am SET. I know how to run campaigns, create newsletters and track client activity with a Google doc data base! And later at home, when I couldn’t quite recall a piece of the process, Mardi responded quickly and walked me through it. Dom said it…Mardi Rocks!

Dr. Simone Ravicz May 29, 2013  Mardi – The Computer’s Einstein
Mardi is not what you would expect from a “computer person”. That is, she does her work at the pace the customer needs and she actually explains what she is doing. I am computer phobic and her visit did not set me off into panic attacks which is what usually happens with other computer fixers. She is dependable, patient, intelligent, and excels at all of “that computer stuff”.

Dominique Fruchtman May 17, 2013  Mardi rocks!
I have given Mardi more referrals than I can count and she always give 100% to her clients. She even goes as far as researching the client’s problem before she even arrives at their home or office. That’s what I call going the extra mile. Bravo and keep up the good work!

Carol Capell, CTC   May 16, 2013  She’s the BEST!
Mardi was not only prompt, clever and resourceful, but genuinely a nice person and very easy to work with. I feel very secure, knowing that I have her to come to my rescue!

Barbara Scharnhorst May 10, 2013  So Helpful
Mardi has been so helpful in bringing me up to speed in the computer world. Always will be a work in progress for me, but she is patient and an excellent teacher. Highly recommend.

Gene Lerner May 07, 2013  Working with Mardi is easy and effortless
Mardi is always consistent, knowledgeable, and friendly. She goes out of her way to help you achieve the BEST results!

Russ & Ruth Bolton  May 06, 2013  Mardi is knowledgeable, friendly, patient, reasonably priced and willing to tackle most any tech request. We highly recommend Mardi.

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