Have you ever wished you knew how to

  • Use email more productively
  • Organize and print photos
  • Shop safely online
  • Do your banking and monitor your investments online
  • Get rid of spammy emails
  • Do web searches safely
  • Purchase audiobooks and movies online
  • Use smartphones and tablets
  • Use social media for business or just keeping up with friends and family
  • Create newsletters for email or snail mail

The quickest and easiest way to learn new techie skills is with private tutoring.  We cover your unique interests and questions so you can experience success quickly and easily.

Most of your technical problems can be avoided by buying the proper equipment. Don’t waste money on features you don’t need.  Keep things simple by choosing the best equipment for your unique needs. Learn the pros and cons of tablets, computers, and smartphones.  Get answers to all your questions.

Be sure to contact me for a complimentary consultation before you buy a new computer or mobile gadget.  Avoid expensive mistakes and frustration by getting the right gadgets for your needs and budget.


Pre-purchase consultations are complementary:  I’m passionate about helping people purchase the right equipment for their needs and budget.  Most of your problems and frustrations can be avoided by purchasing the right equipment in the first place!!!

Detailed product research:  $60  (I usually save people hundreds of dollars.)

Computer or mobile device setup:  $100/hr.

Data transfer, program installations, peripherals setup   $100/hr.

Techie Tutoring in your home, office, local coffee shop.  $60/hr.                                                               (You are welcome to share your session with a spouse or friend)

Techie Tutoring in your bunny slippers via Remote Access – $60/hr.

Techie Tutor Rescue (Tech Support):  I’m not a Certified Technician.  I know how to fix issues that a sophisticated user would know how to do and I know how to find solutions to most problems.  My goal is to teach you how to do the same.

My tech support service is unique because I explain in plain English what needs to be fixed, why it happened and how you can prevent it from happening again.

Onsite or Via Remote Access:  $100 hr.

  • General Tech support
  • Syncing Computer and Mobile Devices “to play together nice”
  • Hazard Proofing (Device check up and Maintenance)

Workshops – My workshops are “Playshops” — a fun and affordable way for small groups of people to learn together.  Invite your friends or colleagues for a gathering at your home, clubhouse or office for a playshop tailored to your group’s interests.  $25 per person.

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