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Best Way To Backup Your Computer and Mobile Devices

Do you have a backup strategy for your computer and mobile devices in the event of a catastrophe?  Are you wondering about the easiest and least expensive way to do it? I recently received an email from a client with questions like these and I thought you would like to know my recommendations…. “Is iDrive…

Are you wondering if you should upgrade your OS?

There are major changes happening with computer and mobile gadget operating systems and it’s my mission to make it easy for you to keep up and enjoy the many benefits.

Amazing Uses for Photos

Amazing Uses for Photos This past week I did a lot of instruction in photo management and it wasn’t with vacation photos as you would expect for this time of year.  Of course, the techniques are the same but it’s amazing how many interesting things clients are doing with photos. Even more important to me,…

Dr. Seuss On Computers

This email joke is especially funny to me because it was sent to me by one of my Senior, tutoring clients. She is a very active and involved lady and knows how to use her computer very well, but she gets really frustrated when things don’t work right. She’s always a good sport about it…

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