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Are You Still Frustrated by Passwords?

image of keys in a safe

You don’t have to be frustrated by passwords anymore . Let Google Chrome and Apple Keychain take care of them for you. Here’s how…

Google Password Checkup is Such Great News!

image of steps to set up

With the frequent news about security breaches, are you concerned that your passwords might be compromised? Have you registered with https://haveibeenpwned.com/? Are you feeling overwhelmed? I’ve got great news for you! Google Chrome Can Tell You if your passwords have been compromised! Google has created an extension (software program) for its Chrome web browser that…

Change Your Web Browser

Please Change Your Web Browser ASAP! So many of my appointments involve problems with Microsoft Internet Explorer!  Internet Explorer is frequently hacked and hijacked and it’s very disconcerting to have your home page suddenly switched to something you never authorized and you cant find your familiar Google search box.      Please use the Google…

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