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Love The Leo Laporte Show

Leo Laporte, The Tech Guy from techguylabs.com

I’m a huge fan. He’s taught me a lot about how technical things work, keeps me up to date on new developments, and I really enjoy his sense of humor. We have the same opinions about a lot of things too, and it feels good to have my opinions validated by someone so knowledgeable.

Passwords Can Be Simple and Safe

Passwords Can Be Simple and Safe I know you hate having to use so many passwords.  It’s a big pain to keep track of them.  You might even be using the same password for multiple sites and allowing your web browser to save them so you don’t have to login every time. A recent article by…

Great Apps for Computers and

Apps are not just for smartphones and tablets. Many apps are web based and accessed through your web browser. You don’t have to have a smart phone or tablet to use some of the most popular apps. However, when people buy smartphones or tablets, they often ask me what apps they should know about.  I’m…