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Feeling Better About Having to Change

The world is changing rapidly these days, largely due to technology.  Perhaps thinking about the situation in a different way will help you feel better about changes.

Having A Computer is Like Having A Car

This Wednesday was my turn to present my business at the Desert Networking Professionals  (DNP) weekly breakfast meeting.  My topic was “Having a Computer Is Like Having a Car.” I believe one of the reasons my clients are frustrated by their computers and gadgets is due to unrealistic expectations.  If you consider that having a…

This Might Surprise You

As you may know, I have not been a big fan of Facebook, and I always empathize when my clients talk about all the reasons it’s bad.  I don’t have extra time to “mess with it” either. Well I must confess, I’m having second thoughts.  Yes, it’s true.  I downloaded the Facebook app to my…

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