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My Bad….I Should Have Warned You!

Recent Microsoft and Apple Updates – Causing Stress And Confusion I’ve had a rash of calls from people complaining that Windows Update is tying up their computers for hours and hours, or that their iPads or iPhones are suddenly looking and acting very differently. Don’t feel bad, I’ve had the same issues! I knew changes were…

Windows 10 Update

You may remember that, back in July when Windows 10 originally became available, I recommended that everyone wait until “the bugs were worked out.” Now that Windows 10 has been available for five months and “the dust has settled,” it’s time to give you an update

Wait Until The Bugs Are Out!

With new technology, it’s best to wait until the bugs have been worked out…to wait until the “early adopters” have found the major problems and the company has had a chance to fix them. We’ve seen this recently with the release of the iPhone 6 and the Apple watch. Now, Microsoft is offering PC users the opportunity to upgrade their operating system (OS) to Windows 10 for free and people may be wondering if that is a good idea. It’s not!

Are You Doing Your Updates?

It’s very, very important to allow updates on your computers, tablets and smart phones.  Updates have fixes for “bugs” (program errors that cause malfunctions) and “patches” that prevent breaches in security.  Often the updates contain cool new features too. Many people don’t allow the updates because they don’t understand the value, or they don’t know…

Do You Reboot?

Do You Reboot? Your Techie Tip for this week is to turn your computer completely off at least once a week.  The reason this is important is that its memory gets too full and it’s likely to slow down or get confused. (Just like us!) During the shutdown process, it files everything away where it belongs…