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Dr. Seuss On Computers

This email joke is especially funny to me because it was sent to me by one of my Senior, tutoring clients. She is a very active and involved lady and knows how to use her computer very well, but she gets really frustrated when things don’t work right. She’s always a good sport about it…

Hear Me on 1450 AM Radio

My interview with Dominique Fruchtman on “The Most Interesting People in the Desert” on 1450 AM was so much fun! I hope you will enjoy listening as much as I enjoyed sharing about my work. 1450 AM Radio Interview

A Very Special Consultation for a Very Special Clients

A dear, sweet, couple in their 90’s who have been tutoring clients, are selling their home and moving into a beautiful residential facility. They asked me if I would talk to the manager and find out what services they need to order for their computer internet access, TV and phone. He had explained it to…

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