Techie Tutor Rescue Service

Do you have a techie question or a specific skill you want to learn but you’re just tolerating frustration because you don’t have time for a tutoring session?

Is your computer running slow, acting wonky (that’s a technical term, {smile}) and driving you crazy but you just don’t want to deal with it?

Do you ever need help when you aren’t in the Desert but don’t know whom to call?

Do you have a loved one who really needs help, but doesn’t live in the desert?

I’m now offering TechieTutorRescue remote service to address any issues that may be of help to you – tutoring or tech support.

Using our telephones and remote access tools, I can quickly and easily answer your questions, fix your computer and mobile device issues remotely, and do full length tutoring sessions.  It’s technology at its finest!

TechieTutorRescue sessions can be as short as 15 minutes or as long as 90 minutes. (Your brain needs a break after 90 minutes {smile}.) You can make payments very securely with PayPal or credit card.


My mother, who is 94 years old, was my first guinea pig for remote tutoring and she liked it very much. Remote access allowed either of us to control the mouse. Since I was not physically sitting next to her, she was able to sit squarely in front of the computer and was able see better. After the tutoring session she went off to lunch and I was able to continuing working remotely to do her computer maintenance tasks. I set up an “Unattended Access” option so I can do her maintenance remotely each month — even when she’s not home. No appointment or attendance necessary!.

Computer maintenance is like oil changes for your car.  You can do them yourself or have someone do them for you, but if you skip them, you will have to do expensive repairs later.

If you’re interested learning how to do monthly maintenance or in having me do it for you, just let me know.

If you use a Chromebook, you won’t have any maintenance to do.  Ask me about Chromebooks.

Contact me for help below

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