Small group of people sharing their mobile gadgets

I don’t use a traditional class format, my classes are very interactive, like workshops. I like to call them “Playshops” or “Gadget Parties.”

My goal is to empower adults to learn about techie gadgets like children do.  They just need to take the time to poke around, see what happens and share their discoveries with each other.  I’m there to guide, coach and answer questions.

Kids are not smarter than you, they just take the time to fool around and see what they can do. They also share info and ideas with friends.  This is what we do in the playshops.

You commit an hour and a half to relax and just play.  I will give you some background information, tips, and tricks, and answer all your questions.  You will play around and learn by doing.  It’s the most fun and effective way to learn!

As you work with partners, you will find that you’re often able to help others; and the process of explaining things cements the learning for you.

The people in my first group were so proud of themselves and were so pleased with all the cool things they learned to do.  They wanted to know if they could do this every week.

If you and some of your friends are interested in learning similar things, consider hosting a gadget party in your home, country club or community recreation hall.  Your workshop fee is waived if you sponsor a playshop.

The cost is only $25 per person.

For more information or to schedule a playshop call 760-348-8867 or use the form below:
Looking forward to “playing” with you in a Playshop soon!

  3 comments for “Workshops

  1. March 3, 2014 at 2:30 pm

    This workshop was so fun. They wanted to know if we could do it every week? I said we can if they can round up a few more people and we would wait until after the holidays. Looking forward to doing more soon. You can pick a topic or we can do questions and answers. Last time they explored the iPhone Calendar app and they were really excited about it. So Fun!


  2. Pia Wyatt
    November 25, 2015 at 8:56 pm

    Are you still holding Mac workshops? Looking for some training in the Palm Desert area for my Aunt. Let me know! Thnx.


    • November 26, 2015 at 10:24 am

      I do workshops when people get a group of friends together and invite me.

      Otherwise, I do individual tutoring with one or two people in their home or office.

      My fees are $60/hr. or $250 for 5/hrs when paid in advance.

      Mac classes are offered at the Apple Store on El Paseo and at the iCreative in Palm Desert.


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